Frequently Asked Questions

Wedding Flowers

Frequently Asked Questions

We know how overwhelming it can feel to try sort through all the details for your wedding. Remember, we’re here to help. 💖

  • Do I need flowers for my ceremony and my reception?

    No. But it depends on your vision and the venue. For example, it's okay not to opt for an archway backdrop if the venue has a beautiful ceremony space. If the reception space is well-considered and you like the vibe 'as is,' it's okay not to have flowers rambling through the entire venue.

  • How much do wedding flowers usually cost?

    There is a lot of variability when it comes to wedding flower prices. At a minimum, we suggest allocating 10-15% of your wedding budget to cover your wedding flowers.

    If you’re after more ‘wow’ factor and want flowers to be a significant component of the day (i.e., look like a Pinterest photo), we recommend allocating 25-30% of your total budget to flowers.

    Understanding the overwhelming nature of wedding planning, we’ve designed a range of practical planning tools on our website, including a wedding flower budget planner. These tools are here to simplify your planning process and make it more manageable.

    👉 You can learn more about flower budgets here.

  • Do I need a theme or vision for my day?

    No, not at all. We suggest you research and spend a few minutes on Pinterest or Instagram to gather inspirational photos. This will help you communicate your preferences and vision—even one or two inspirational photos can point us all in the right direction.

    Don’t panic. You don’t need to think through every detail of your wedding, and you certainly don’t have to know the names of the flowers. We’re always happy to provide suggestions and options for ceremony and reception styling ideas.

  • How do I ensure my wedding flowers stay fresh throughout the day?

    We’ll coordinate the delivery of your bouquets in the late morning, ideally right before the photographer arrives.

    Our bouquets are professionally packed. They should be kept in a cool, dark place, out of the way of potential heavy foot traffic.

  • How far in advance should I order my wedding flowers?

    Most clients lock us in 3-6 months before their wedding date. But don’t stress; we’d love to connect and work with you to bring a little bit of ‘wow’ to your wedding day.

  • How does this whole wedding enquiry process thing work?

    We're on a mission to make planning your wedding flowers easy.

    First things first, we've got your back with a range of helpful tools on our website. These
    are designed to give you the confidence you need when it comes to budgeting, ensuring you get the best value for your money.

    Plus, we will talk about our approach to collaborating on the design of your flowers.

    Once you submit an enquiry, we'll confirm our availability. From there, we'll send you an online Design Q&A – this gives you a chance to tell us about you two, what matters to you most and what your priorities are.

    We'll send a quick quote and recommendations on getting the best outcome for your budget.