An Update Page for changes of our online store and some key information. 

24/08/2020 - Adam The Flower Man Lilies price updated

19/05/202 - Shipping Rates have been updated.

14/05/2020 - Online flower store available for order, changes to 'Adam The Flower Man's Choice, Oriental Lilies, Snap and Lilies, Native Flower Bundle, Proteas and Native Box Flowers, all available for order.

13/05/2020 - Website store is slowly coming back online due to the limited numbers in flowers available. 

12/05/2020 - Following Mother's Day, Melbourne Market will be in catch up & the epidemic has created higher then usual demand for local product. We see a 2 week wait for local product to show signs of future stock numbers.

12/05/2020  - Very Limited Flowers at the market.